Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a comparison?

If I didn’t had to compare myself with others… I feel root of all sins on our planet is this ability to compare with others. “Doing Comparison” is a skill inherent in all Mortals. People compare everything, be it Money, Fame, Health, Possession, Family, Color, Creed, and everything else one can imagine. For a moment imagine this. What if we loose this ability to compare? Wow!!!!! What happens? Everything that I have is looked in absolute terms. The theory of relativity is thrown in dustbin ( Mr. Einstein’s spirit may please excuse me. I don’t have anything against his postulates). I am happy with whatever I have with me. I don’t have to bother with what my office colleague or neighbor has got. I won’t be craning my neck to see what is served on my neighbor’s plate. I won’t bother if my colleague’s kid’s topped or failed in his school exams. I won’t bother if my friend brought a new sedan. I won’t bother if he just upgraded to a LCD display TV in his home. I will be happy in my own World. I won’t be distracted by worldly possession of others. I will be contended and eternally satisfied. May be this is what they call “Moksha”. Hmmmm… I am going too far??

On a lighter note: Kuhooji( for uninitiated , Kuhoo is my 5 year daughter)admonished me once again. I feel she has no job other than coaching me. Today it was for leaving Rice on lunch plate. She asked her Mumma not to give me Rice anymore as punishment. If this thing continues I will have to start eating everything that is served to me. This looks somewhat difficult for a guy like me, who always makes some excuse for some food item or other. I guess things have to change soon. Kuhooji is not going to let me relax on this account.



Kuhooji has earned the suffix ji and she well deserves it too. Think of the effort involved in getting those grains of rice on your plate and believe me in future you will think twice, thrice in sending down to drain. It's never too late to learn, even though if its lesson from teacher who has just started her nursery schooling...hats off to this youngest teacher"KUHOOJI" I have heard of. Shiv

Nagesh said...

Thank you so much Sir. I was surprised to know that you visit my Blog.