Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not much on TV!!!!!

Lots of things to do before taking the plunge into the world of learning and more learning….

By the way TV viewing, particularly Hindi entertainment channels, has suddenly become a dull affair. Not much to flip through on the Weekdays. On weekends there are programs which are able to grab your attention for longer period of time.

STAR has been slowly losing its early lead all through the last year. It seems they have lost any motivation to produce good entertaining stuff. They refuse to come out from their mould when competitors like Zee and Colors are eating their viewership with Good mix of Soaps and reality based shows. Colors have definitely done some smart thinking to come out with their bouquet of interesting mix of programming. They have been able to attract both regional as well as urban audience. Zee has also got it’s act together and started focusing it’s serials on rural set up to attract big viewership. Star has been a big looser in this churning up. It seems they are lost in deep slumber and nobody is bothered to seriously rectify the situation in its favor. Sony has also been not able to keep up pace with the recent developments. They also have yet to come out with something innovative to register their presence.

I seriously feel there is lot of opportunity for entertainment channels to increase their bottom line. We are yet to see a Quality talk show on any of the existing channels. The reality shows are also missing mark by being repetitive. I feel some of the key players should seriously focus on increasing the quality and quantity of content to increase the latent viewership. In one of these days it may happen sooner than later…..