Friday, December 31, 2010

What a year it was!!!!!

What a year it was? That’s how most of us wish to talk about the last year… In my case it was exactly like that.
It was a year when things changed completely overnight. I once again got to live as a student and that too in the most famous and prestigious School of India i.e. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Instead of chasing schedule deadlines I was worried about surprise quizzes, assignment submissions and project deadlines. Some said it was all very hectic, stressful and so on. Frankly speaking I enjoyed it all.
It was a year when dreams came back to my eyes .That was not because I got to sleep very less over last so many months. It was so because I started re-discovering myself. I got to meet so many exceptionally talented people that I had never had an opportunity anytime before.
Once again the latent extracurricular insect in me came out. I couldn’t resist participating in IIMA TNITE. We had a rocking time at Dassada. IIP was fun and learning combined. London and Dubai trip were bonus add-ons. So many activities in such a short span of time. Phew!!!!!

It was a year when I discovered the joys of observing an infant doing everything for the first time. I was blessed to witness the magical transformation of a newborn every day. These memories are going to stay for lifetime and may be more….. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2011…