Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last year same time we were in Kumarakom. When I planned this outing, I had no idea what was in store for us. I chose a resort by doing lots of research on the net. My two colleagues with their family also joined for this trip. We were able to get train tickets also on very short notice.

We reached Ernakulum at 4.00 AM early morning. Resort had arranged a pick up taxi for us from Ernakulum Railway station. Before proceeding we had hot cup of tea and coffee per our individual preferences.

As we started nearing Kumarakom, we could see things more clearly as daylight was more pronounced. Endless stretch of water, lagoons, coconut trees, small boats. Everything seemed so majestic and soothing. We were mesmerized by the landscape and were totally amazed by the absence of city noise and bustling, that we are so accustomed to.
Now came the most surprising part. The taxi guy dropped us at one of the banks on water . He said rest of journey to the resort will be covered by motor boat. Little Kuhoo was so much existed by all this. Even though she was feeling sleepy, she was having lots of fun, particularly because of boat ride. The motor boat dropped us the resort to enjoy rest of our trip amid coconut trees and lots of natural beauty.

Resort had well appointed rooms and lots of open spaces for fun and exploration. My wife was happy with Food hygiene and Quality. We had booked one day Boat safari as part of this trip. This was the most amazing part of Journey. Nobody can imagine the life on these house boats. Strongly built as per every rule and norm of tradition, held together by coir ropes without a nail in sight, the houseboat redefines luxury with its shining wooden floors and luxurious amenities. Moreover, immerse in the amazing, never-ending, display of nature’s magical performances on the sundeck. Two experienced boatmen navigate you through tranquil stretches of Kerala’s favourite backwaters. A personal chef well-versed in tantalizing Kerala delicacies and seafood delights will be at your beck and call with choicest gourmet delights.

We had experience of life time on the House boat. The only thing which pinched me was the detorating state of Vembanad lake. It was full of weeds and silt. It needs to be regularly cleaned and de-silted to retain its original glory and charm. This will benefit both the locals and nature lovers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Austerity drive

Safety week, Innovation drive, productivity initiatives and latest in the list Austerity Drives. It seems like we need these terms to remind us on basics of professionalism. Do we need to coin these terms to bring out the best in us in our workplaces? Are we not supposed to follow them every time and everywhere?
It’s good to have a symbolic way of expressing solidarity with initiatives that we associate with. My problem is, when they just become a ritual and are disbanded as soon as we forget them. Safety and innovation is way of life. We don’t need to follow it for a week or month. Similarly people in public life are supposed have an austere way of living. It’s not if that they suddenly remember one fine day that they have to lead an austere life now. Now everyday we hear one or other way politician coming out with his unique way of supporting austerity drive.
The mantra of simple living has to come from inside. It’s not something that can be imposed overnight. Also we have to remember that normal public should not suffer just because a politician wants to exhibit his Austerity drive. Also sometimes the cost of maintaining austerity drive for a politician can be higher than if he had not chosen this path. Sarojini Naidu once remarked “It costs a lot to keep him poor.”
I also need to look at cost cutting. But then I have been doing this for all my career. Every time we have cut one cost or another!!! May be there are still some more to be trimmed!! Kuhooji’s advice needed….

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sach ka Samna..

For last few weeks I have been caught up with heavily on my office front, because of relocating to new campus. To re-locate to a new campus, when so much hardware movement is involved is quite a challenge. We have got now ample space in new set up and it should offset the pain of spending more time in daily commuting.

I have been watching few episodes of “Sach ka Samna”. It’s quite amazing how people come out in open and talk about their deepest secrets. I am surprised that no one has been able to answer all the 21 questions. Does this means it’s so hard to speak truth consistently? I may agree partly with this. It’s easy and convenient to speak truth in parts. It becomes increasingly difficult to hold high the flag of truth consistently.

Kuhooji is asking me to tell good story for her puppet show in School tomorrow. I have to go for now. I wonder why she is asking me tell her a story when she herself is so good in making up a story!!!!