Thursday, December 28, 2006

Performance appraisals...

Performance is a matter of efficiency, speed, accuracy and reliability. Every employee is accessed for this at least once a year.

The Big question is how you measure performance?
Do you go your Gut feeling?? Na… this is not acceptable. Come on man this is not scientific. Then how do you measure performance?

“Metrics based Management” Yes this is the way to Go. Then Big Question is which metrics you capture ( Man!!! Enough of Big Questions…). Is there a verified and certified metrics to capture Employee performance? Now this is once again a million or maybe more dollar question. Shut up!!!!... No more questions pleaseeeee…

Every five years we the people appraise our politicians. Which metrics or scientific tool we use to appraise our decision makers. The answer is simple:-None. Then should we say that we do not judge our politicians properly and it is against the spirit of Democracy. I don’t agree to this. I feel we are very Good in judging our politicians. This judgment is done without any scientific tool and metrics sheet.
So why the hell, we cannot adopt something like this in performance appraisals. I know what you are thinking (something on lines that … organizations will be doomed or something similar.) You may be right. This is Democracy. Everybody has a right to have his views.

Disclaimer: this article has nothing to do with the upcoming appraisal season for me.

Something some..

Some say life is a journey: Move on… There are others who say life is there to live it and experience each and every turns and twists. There are others still who say life is not to take it seriously, so blow it out. The important question is then who is right? All these people may be right depending on there perspective.

For me whole thing boils down as to how you keep yourself motivated and spirited in each and every job that you do daily in your life. The same situation may be experienced in more than one way depending on your frame of mind. I then stand to gain if I take things in positive frame and in turn maintain my confidence and Zeal…

Enough about how I take for myself. More about the current scheme of things... I have been adding more and more skills (technical in strict sense) in last six months or so. I am not sure if they will add value for me both in long and short term. Something inside me suggests that this is happening for Good.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

k. L.Saigal at Rangashankara

Yesterday I went to watch the K.L.Saigal( that’s how they write in the synopsis… Though I believe it should be Sehgal): A musical play in Hindi. at Rangashankara.

I liked the show with all its share of shero shayaris… and some music interspersed in between. I must admit upfront that I expected something more from this show. I somewhat felt that this show did not touch much of his work in Mumbai film industry. The show stretched more on the earlier part of Saigal’s life.

Uday Chandra was brilliant in his portrayal of Saigal. He impressed with his rendition of all the ghazals, Bhajans and songs from Saigal’s career. He was also able to portray the humility and simplicity of legendary Saigal. When he made his entry first on the stage , I was a bit confused. He looked twice the age of character he was playing. If you can ignore this his performance carried the show all along. Tom alter was superb in his role of anchor. One can simply be dumbstruck by the intensity of performances of veterans like Tom. My wife was very thrilled to interact with him after the show.

Credit also goes to the director of the show Dr. Sayeed alam and Niti Sayeed for brilliant script writing and powerful dialogues. All in all the show was appreciated by everybody in the audience for reliving the whole saigal( or sehgal) era!!!.

Monday, September 11, 2006

In response to a mail on Renukootians group

I do remember all the events mentioned in your mail.
Picnic days were the most cherished ones in Renukoot.
During School time we would invariably look forward to picnics.

I had a good fortune of covering almost all the places around Renukoot.
I agree with you that it feels bad to see the famous Rihand lawns in shambles.
There are some really Good places around Renukoot which have a potential of huge tourist inflow.

I was happy to see some of the spots around Renukoot in the Film “Bunty aur Bubbli”.
I could clearly spot Chopan train Bridge, a small bridge before Renukoot and Chunar ka kila in the film.Of course one could easily recognize Varanasi Ganga ghats in the film.
I show all these places to all my friends here repeatedly. Whenever “dhadak dhadak dhunaan uthaye” song comes in the television, I urge everybody to see Abhishek Bacchan walking on Chopan Bridge.

Thanks for reminding of the Allahabad trip. I think all our classmates will remember that.
I can still feel the excitement which we experienced when we started for that trip.

I agree with others on this forum regarding the Renukootian Spirit.
I guess it has more to do with changing times. We want to associate ourselves with the Renukoot which was very small, friendly and without any inhibitions. Today’s Renukoot has become very Big. Maintaining law and order is a problem with the Authorities there. People do not interact so much as in yester years.I agree there are still few people there from the older generation who try to keep the flame of camaraderie burning among Renukootians.

Renukoot will always live in our thoughts and dreams.

Funfilled yet Hectic

Lots of work is coming my way. I mean the office workload; which is increasing like anything.
It seems I have to put lots of effort to cope with it. Lets see how it unfolds....

Meanwhile yesterday was a fun filled hectic day. Fun filled because I went out with my wife and Kuhoo for lunch. Hectic because I got too tired exploring the shops in the Forum. To top it up we had to pay a social visit to one of our friends in the evening.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You Patriotic??

Somebody asked me if I am patriotic?

This question was asked as a thread on a mail group forum.

My simple answer would be: Yes I am Patriotic. I am patriotic in the sense I have never sighed away from my commitments to my Country.
Till now I have been required to do certain duties as a citizen of my country. I have attended all the duties entrusted on me.

Somebody can ask a question; Will you go to the border and fight for your country, if required. I am not sure what I will do in this situation.
I have never been tested on this till now. Therefore I can safely say I am patriotic till now as I have never sighed away from any commitments to my country till date. In future my patriotism may be put to test…. May be I may fail in that… Then also I feel I will be always patriotic in my heart.

One thing more , I sincerely feel that we should be not be loosing the meaning of the words like Patriotic by trying to assign it so many motives and associating it with lots of ifs and buts. Lets try to keep it simple. If yes then YES.. If no then NO. Trying to treat these words like any other literature word somewhat lowers there significance.

One thing more Patriotism always should not be associated with bravery. Even lesser mortals can also be patriotic.

P.S. We are discussing patriotism for one’s native country. There can be other shades of patriotism as for community, religion, caste or World as a whole.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Feeling Light!!!!

After completing the exams yesterday, am feeling quite light... Last two weekends were gulped done by my exams. It's not easy to take up any assignment besides your regular job. It's sort of fun also to give these exams now. It reminds of the old college days. Many a times I picturise myself sitting there in exam halls and trying to come up with as best as I could.

Any way Life has suddenly become very hectic. It seems lots of things need to be attended. I hope to pay proper attention to all the pending stuff.

On somewhat philosophical note:
Where can you find true happiness?
.... May be in a kid's smiling face... That's how I find it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am one of those who celebrates his B'day twice a year. The first one comes on Nag -panchami. That's why there is a relation with my name. I was born on Nag panchami day. As we know Lunar calendar is not so straight forward stuff. Every year Nag panchami falls on different dates. This year it was on 30th July.

Morning itself I got lots of wishes from my relatives. The count of B'day wishes was maximum this year. Normally this fact of Nag panchami B'day was only known in my close family circle. That's why the wishes are restricted from this close circle. This time somehow it went further than my close family.

M prepared lots of stuff for this day. R and S had also come. We had a nice time all in all.

Personally I am more for my straight forward Birthday which falls on 14th August. This I consider my real B'day. That's official also. Looking forward to have a nice time on that day also.!!!! Selfish naaa....!!!!!

Life moves on!!!!!

I have been busy with my MS exams for last one week. 5 more days to finish it off. I plan to give a final attempt(last try) for ...... I won't reveal much here!!!!!! Once I finish it off I will be talking about it. Need to streamline my daily activities.

It seems lots of things are changing around me.... May be it's time for a change??? What say???

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I sat full day on a bench in front of the College Library

This is one of the mails sent by me to my college group. Although passed out of college long back, the memories of the same are still as fresh as ever.


That day was just like any other day. Morning had started on somewhat misty look. The Doodhwallas carrying their heavy container of Milk on there Favorite BMWs( Rajdoot Motorcycles) . They used to play really loud music. I could get sometime the tune of the songs played by them, but normally it was not very clear.

My Neighboour had jumped to Balcony to get to my Room to get his usual quota to toothpaste and Bath soap. He used to do it very diligently taking care that he didn’t disturb me. By the time I had woken up, I had already missed my Math’s class. There was no use going in the middle of the class coz everyone knows why( Kake you are too early for next class). I was cursing myself at the thought of my attendance which was hankering around 50%.

I got myself ready and headed straight towards the Mess room. I had my usual quota of Sukha paratha with an extra Butter slab. I can say for sure that I survived for all three years on those lovely parathas.

I was not feeling like going to class. Anyway we used to have very minimal classes like those of Math’s. Many of our teachers wanted that we should not turn up for class. Most of the time we also wanted to be in canteen than in the classes. Dragging my feet I reached the college library. First I thought I should go in and read some books of wisdom. My inner conscience always used to tell me that I was in SLIET for study and gaining knowledge. I did some self explanation and sat down on a bench in front of the Library. It was a vintage place to be seated there. I could observe almost half the college sitting there. Some new saplings had been planted there. As usual lots of grass swaying with the wind.

I could see the group of Boys going towards Science block or Main Building or Mech. Block. There were some guys who were really very young; may be from Certificate course. I could see the spark in there eyes. These Guys used to behave like kids. They were the ones who would enjoy the ragging time most.
Suddenly I heard a chorus of giggling sound. These were of course the lovely girls rushing out of Girls hostel.

A couple emerged from nowhere. They were hanging around the library. May be they were searching for a quite secluded place to take there love story further. They were eying the bench which I had occupied. On some other day I could have given my prized possession but not today. They would have defiantly cursed me like anything,

I saw my gang coming out of Main Building. They asked me to accompany them to the Canteen. As usual the lecturer had not turned up and all the classes were free because of some reason or other. I declined there offer. They kept on chatting for sometime and left for the Complex. The group was making plans to visit Sangrur on weekend for a Birthday treat .

It was already after noon. I was feeling a bit hungry. One of my friends got down from the bus coming from Sangrur. He was returning back from his native place. He had brought with him home cooked mataharees , namkeen and other snacks. I had a mouthful of them. There was no need for me to do lunch now.

College looked to me so beautiful in all its beautiful colors. I had this strange sense of ownership for this place. It seemed everything was meant for me. Without even a penny in my pocket I was the owner of this place. Today when I try to own a 60 by 40 site by pooling all my hard earned money in Bangalore, this feeling returns to me with vengeance.

It’s fun to remember our old nostalgic Golden days. May be one day I would be able to visit it with my family and friends and know how is it doing now…..

Monday, July 03, 2006

Welcome to my Blog!!!!

The long pending agenda is addressed now. I have been planning to create my new blog for quite a long time now. I will try to make this Blog informative, entertaining and as effective as possible. I will also try to be a regular contributor to this Blog.

So Cheers!!!! Hope to have lots of interactions through this Blog.