Thursday, December 28, 2006

Something some..

Some say life is a journey: Move on… There are others who say life is there to live it and experience each and every turns and twists. There are others still who say life is not to take it seriously, so blow it out. The important question is then who is right? All these people may be right depending on there perspective.

For me whole thing boils down as to how you keep yourself motivated and spirited in each and every job that you do daily in your life. The same situation may be experienced in more than one way depending on your frame of mind. I then stand to gain if I take things in positive frame and in turn maintain my confidence and Zeal…

Enough about how I take for myself. More about the current scheme of things... I have been adding more and more skills (technical in strict sense) in last six months or so. I am not sure if they will add value for me both in long and short term. Something inside me suggests that this is happening for Good.

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