Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bus ride during school days....

Today I saw one of the buses which take kids to school.

I somehow got transported to our childhood days when we ourselves use to take one of the school buses for our daily conveyance to school.I still remember vividly all the fun that we use to have during these bus rides.

Initially all the buses use to go to all the stops. The bus would start from Duplex stop, L-type, I-type, Building Colony, Sr. Bus stop and finally to Hospital for E-type Quarters. The Bus for administrative colony was separate. Later the buses were allotted for particular bus stops. As the size of Hindalco colony grew, the no. of bus stops also increased. New I type was one of such bus stops.

The drivers of these buses use to be quite a character.These Bus drivers were really masters in there profession. I don't remember any major accident of any of the school buses during our time. I still remember Chotelal, Topilal and Smith. Smith use to drive the latest purchased bus. He ensured that we kids got maximum fun during these bus rides. We were always fascinated by his peculiar skin color, height and mimicry.He was also most adventurous among the lot. He use to fascinate us with all his antiques like driving without holding the steering of the bus. We use to so enjoy the race among the buses. Everyone wanted his or her bus to win. When I think of those bus races know it leaves me amazed. How at all those bus races were possible is such a small place and in so narrow roads. In reality, these bus races were part of our childhood upbringing. Sadly these fun elements stopped as Renukoot became bigger and more congested.
Whenever we got new buses it was like a celebration. Suddenly we would feel more fortunate and blessed than those who were still riding in the old buses. We use to keep on talking about our new bus and it's unique features.

Traveling in these school buses was very important for many of us. Kids use to fight for window seats or any other possible excuse. Some like me use to enjoy the interesting session of Guppbazi. Khoob jam ke Gupp marte the!. Some of us really specialized in this art of Gupps. Any matter pending from School use to be settled in our return buses from School.

I can now just remember those golden school days. I hope and prey that kids still are having as great time as we use to have in our time…..