Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All are invited

Kuhoo is very busy today. From very early morning phone is consistently ringing. Everybody wants to talk to Kuhhoji. Dada, Dadi, Bua, Chachi … Everybody wants to talk to Kuhooji. She had to take calls while brushing her teeth and also from toilet seat. No need to rack your brains hard. It’s Kuhooji’s B’day today. Yes today is the real one. Not the one that kuhooji keeps on celebrating every other day. Last week itself she had celebrated her B’day in School saying that it was her Star B’day.

Kuhooji and her Mumma have been planning for this B’day for quite some time now. B’day invitations have gone to all Kuhooji’s friends. Some last minute invites were sent yesterday night. Kuhooji has a large friend cum social circle. We had a hard time to bring this list down to manageable numbers. Meenu has been shopping non stop from last week. She is very much exited as always. Even though not fully fit, she is coming up with impressive list of delicacies to be served for guests. I tried to volunteer for help. She rejected my proposal saying that mine presence further delays the preparation. So I will be in office today and try to leave for home somewhat early.

I sincerely hope that everything goes as per wishes of Kuhooji. She is very excited. It’s party time today!!!!