Friday, August 24, 2007

oppurtunity in Home interiors!!

During the last 6 month I have been involved in setting up my new apartment. I had to go through selection process of each item required to make mere four walls a living place. It started with floor and wall tiles. Subsequently all the items of sanitary fixtures were purchased. After this it was turn of wooden wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. As I did all this myself, so purchasing all the items required for this purpose was quite an experience. Then it was turn of lighting fixtures. I had never imagined that this much light equipment is required for an apartment size of mine. The list of purchasing is still continuing. We have finalized kitchen hob and hood. Curtains and wall hangings are next on the list.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details. My basic aim of writing this piece was to explore this option of a service agency which can do all these things. I know there are quite a few agencies that do similar job. My only contention with them is on price. They either charge too high to make it unaffordable or compromise on material quality. I have still to come across a well established agency, which does this job end to end.

In a city like Bangalore, opportunity for providing the complete interiors of an apartment or independent house is immense. The supply line for this is virtually non existent. I have seen interior decorators only bothered to provide carpentry service through a supplier. They are not bothered to provide the complete service.

I sometimes feel I can take a plunge in this very exiting and demanding line. I feel people with better know-how should think seriously about it. There is lot of potential to be tapped in this domain.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Transitions all around; My B'day it is.....

Ladies and Gentlemen: Today is my B’day!!!!!. In this world of self promotion, this announcement may not sound as something extreme.

It was truly a memorable day to say the least. From early morning I was flooded with SMS and calls from friends and relatives. My wife had some surprises stored for me. I am not sure how every time she achieves this feat. She will always present me some very lovely gifts. The element of secrecy that she maintains while collecting all these gifts is truly marvelous. What else I can say. I love you Meenu!!!!

I reached office somewhat early than usual. I thought people should not be searching for me to wish my B’day. I was warmly wished by all my colleagues and friends. I had carried some chocolates to be shared by all.

Surprise awaited me in the form of a small party thrown by team mates. They arranged cake and some snacks. Something like this happened to me for first time. It was really a Good fun!! Thank you all people for making my day memorable.

Meenu and Mummy have been busy cooking nice delicacies for this day. I don’t have any words to express my love and gratitude for them. Little kuhoo has wished me my B’Day at least 20 times. Everybody asks her to wish Daddy Happy B’Day. Now she is tired of wishing so many times. My little angel! , you are my Darling…. By the way today she went to her kids school dressed as Rani Laxmibai. You just need to see her in that dress to believe how lovely she looked.

Things are in transition phase in my life. I am transitioning from one year to next of my Life. This week we will be moving to our new apartment. On job front news of my transition is supposed to come by this weekend. So there is transition happening on almost all aspect of my life. So all you ….. Please wish me happy Transition!!!!!!