Tuesday, October 10, 2006

k. L.Saigal at Rangashankara

Yesterday I went to watch the K.L.Saigal( that’s how they write in the synopsis… Though I believe it should be Sehgal): A musical play in Hindi. at Rangashankara.

I liked the show with all its share of shero shayaris… and some music interspersed in between. I must admit upfront that I expected something more from this show. I somewhat felt that this show did not touch much of his work in Mumbai film industry. The show stretched more on the earlier part of Saigal’s life.

Uday Chandra was brilliant in his portrayal of Saigal. He impressed with his rendition of all the ghazals, Bhajans and songs from Saigal’s career. He was also able to portray the humility and simplicity of legendary Saigal. When he made his entry first on the stage , I was a bit confused. He looked twice the age of character he was playing. If you can ignore this his performance carried the show all along. Tom alter was superb in his role of anchor. One can simply be dumbstruck by the intensity of performances of veterans like Tom. My wife was very thrilled to interact with him after the show.

Credit also goes to the director of the show Dr. Sayeed alam and Niti Sayeed for brilliant script writing and powerful dialogues. All in all the show was appreciated by everybody in the audience for reliving the whole saigal( or sehgal) era!!!.

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