Monday, September 11, 2006

In response to a mail on Renukootians group

I do remember all the events mentioned in your mail.
Picnic days were the most cherished ones in Renukoot.
During School time we would invariably look forward to picnics.

I had a good fortune of covering almost all the places around Renukoot.
I agree with you that it feels bad to see the famous Rihand lawns in shambles.
There are some really Good places around Renukoot which have a potential of huge tourist inflow.

I was happy to see some of the spots around Renukoot in the Film “Bunty aur Bubbli”.
I could clearly spot Chopan train Bridge, a small bridge before Renukoot and Chunar ka kila in the film.Of course one could easily recognize Varanasi Ganga ghats in the film.
I show all these places to all my friends here repeatedly. Whenever “dhadak dhadak dhunaan uthaye” song comes in the television, I urge everybody to see Abhishek Bacchan walking on Chopan Bridge.

Thanks for reminding of the Allahabad trip. I think all our classmates will remember that.
I can still feel the excitement which we experienced when we started for that trip.

I agree with others on this forum regarding the Renukootian Spirit.
I guess it has more to do with changing times. We want to associate ourselves with the Renukoot which was very small, friendly and without any inhibitions. Today’s Renukoot has become very Big. Maintaining law and order is a problem with the Authorities there. People do not interact so much as in yester years.I agree there are still few people there from the older generation who try to keep the flame of camaraderie burning among Renukootians.

Renukoot will always live in our thoughts and dreams.

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