Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You Patriotic??

Somebody asked me if I am patriotic?

This question was asked as a thread on a mail group forum.

My simple answer would be: Yes I am Patriotic. I am patriotic in the sense I have never sighed away from my commitments to my Country.
Till now I have been required to do certain duties as a citizen of my country. I have attended all the duties entrusted on me.

Somebody can ask a question; Will you go to the border and fight for your country, if required. I am not sure what I will do in this situation.
I have never been tested on this till now. Therefore I can safely say I am patriotic till now as I have never sighed away from any commitments to my country till date. In future my patriotism may be put to test…. May be I may fail in that… Then also I feel I will be always patriotic in my heart.

One thing more , I sincerely feel that we should be not be loosing the meaning of the words like Patriotic by trying to assign it so many motives and associating it with lots of ifs and buts. Lets try to keep it simple. If yes then YES.. If no then NO. Trying to treat these words like any other literature word somewhat lowers there significance.

One thing more Patriotism always should not be associated with bravery. Even lesser mortals can also be patriotic.

P.S. We are discussing patriotism for one’s native country. There can be other shades of patriotism as for community, religion, caste or World as a whole.

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