Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reforms in Education system

There has recently been lots of Buzz around reform in our education system, especially Schooling system. New Education minister Mr. Kabil Sibbal is seen as making some sincere effort in making improvements to our Education system. He wants to start with making some changes to CBSE Board. First of his many suggestions is to remove class 10th Board examination from Schools, which have classes till Class 12th. There is lot of debate in the country whether it is right or wrong. I agree with the logic forwarded by Mr. Sibbal that there is no need for a common exam if the student has to remain in the same school. I agree that 10th Class Board exam puts lots of unnecessary pressure on parents and children. It seriously hampers any pursuit of hobbies and extracurricular activities by Children as they focus only on Board exams.

There has been lots of noise made on our education system, which makes children Good in cramming and mugging up the lessons instead of wholesome learning. I have slightly divergent views on this. From time immemorial Indian Education system has stressed lots on “learning by heart”. Kids use to learns by heart all the slokas in Gurukool. There was a very structured way for learning the wisdom from Books and Literature. This skill of our Children has held us in good stead by making us very fast in calculations and logical interpretations. I think, “learn by Heart” skill is very necessary for kid’s growth process. It provides right stimulus for memory and helps in proper development of Brain. Indians all over world are recognized today for their ability with high learning and fast calculations. Let us recognize this achievement of ours and don’t do anything, which washes away this skill set from our future generation.

Let us do a thorough review of our Education system. Let us weed away unnecessary roadblocks and stress more on overall learning. Let us bring more in terms of skill development. While doing all this, let us also retain whatever Good things our current system has. Let us not wash away everything in our enthusiasm to get something new.

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