Thursday, July 23, 2009

Indian postal service

I have experienced this many times. Most of our mails, parcels and deliveries come by some courier company. Gone are old days when your familiar postman used to deliver all your letters, cards and parcels. I have not witnessed a post man now for many years. It may be a bit of exaggeration but my touch with my postman is not there.

This scenario makes us feel that there is no need of Indian post office department. I have to admit that if you feel like this you are not close to truth. Truth is, Indian Postal department is still a powerful mechanism used by many people to deliver posts.

I will tell you my personal experience. My wife gave me two packets of “ Raksha bandhan” to be sent to our relatives. One packet was for international destination and other within the country. As always I was perplexed on what mode to choose. I thought I will try a courier company attached with my office. For international destination, the courier company demanded Eight hundred and fifty rupees. For the other one they demanded something within Hundred. I asked them if they had any other cheaper option. They said No Sir. I thought, let me try Indian post office.
I went to my nearest post office and asked them how I can send my two packets. I was informed that I had at least three options. Ordinary mail, Registered mail and Speed post. The price for international speed post was five hundred thirty, much less than what courier guys were demanding. Surprise was registered post. Price for international registered post was only Sixty eight rupees. I readily agreed with this option.
I really felt very happy utilizing the services of Indian post office. Indian post office is the only one agency which provides so many options to suit all economic strata. They are also very efficient. It took me hardly two minutes to post two packets. I also got a printer receipt for my transaction. I think this is what I was looking for. Indian postal department has upgraded itself with time. They are still the most reliable and economic handlers of all our postal solutions. Apart from this they do lots many other services like handling NSC bonds, postal deposits, various schemes and so many other things. So, next time before dismissing Indian postal department, please think twice. They me be your best friends.

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