Thursday, May 14, 2009

After a long time

I have been trying to watch IPL matches. I must frankly admit that matches don’t seem to be so interesting as in season one. Somehow the Zing is missing in this season. Also very few matches are high scoring ones. I have not been able to watch even a single match non stop from start to end. The other reason may be because match timings coincide with my Wife’s Soap opera timings. Any sane husband would dare disturb his better half’s daily TV viewing schedule. I am also reading Fake IPL players blog. This one looks quite interesting.

Last month has been election time. I am an avid political watcher. I have a very keen interest in politics of our Country. This is the reason for my immense love for News channels. Problem is, I find very few people with similar interest. Coming back to elections, I don’t see any wisdom in organizing it at peak of summer season. This has lead to drop in poll percentages. It looks like it may be some kind of repeat of 2004 Lok sabha elections. Same set of players with some alterations may make a bid for Power once again. I personally feel that we may be in for some surprise. Let’s wait for 16th may to have more clarity on this.

Political parties fight with each other tooth and nail during elections and then form an alliance later to form a Government. This is not a right practice. This needs to be stopped. It’s making a mockery of Indian voters. Parties need to form a pre- poll alliance before going for elections. They should stick to the same alliance and no changes in compositions should be allowed. This can only be achieved by making a law or doing changes in public representation act. I pray that this will be done soon.

Lately I have a feeling that I am searching for some thing. This is now there for past so many weeks. I still have to find what am I searching for? I need to know it very fast and close this chapter of searching as soon as possible.

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