Monday, May 18, 2009

At last..

So elections results are out. It’s quite a decisive mandate. Indians have preferred stability over ever every other issue. Left parties have taken a big set back in these elections. They need to do a re-think on the policies and plans adopted by them. I seriously think they need to re-invent themselves. They have to stop being dogmatic and start taking more futuristic look in their policies.

BJP had hoped Big in these elections. In retrospect it looks like they were being too optimistic. Saffron party was unable to raise an issue which touched Indian electorate’s chords. Party needs to bring up mass base leaders who can re-galvanize the party at the grass roots. In short they need their own Rahul Gandhi.

Congress needs to grab this opportunity with both hands and go full throttle on the much needed administrative and financial reforms. It needs to work big way on creating Infrastructure projects. Country needs to create huge Infrastructure in shortest time possible. Power reforms are badly needed. Some key decisions need to be taken regarding FDI investment in Retail and Insurance. Our Civil services and internal security badly need Reforms and push from Central Government. I am sure Congress leaders are aware about it and they will not spare any effort in overcoming all the issues. Man Mohan Singh has unique opportunity to become a legend in his lifetime.

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