Monday, June 30, 2008

Nirvana through eating!!!!

How and what you eat can say a lot about you. First thing it tells is how evolved you are. I have always admired people with Good knowledge of different varieties of cuisines and delicacies. Needless to say I am also big fan of cookery shows on Television. I enjoy watching hosts giving us insights into different foods and flavors.

Cooking is an art and it has to be practiced to be perfected. Like any other art you need to have some natural talent to be good at this art. I am privileged to have blessed with ladies who are very Good in this art of Cooking. My childhood days memories are filled with best food prepared by my Mother. I still love to eat food cooked by her. She gives lots of attention to fine details and that is her strength. Later my Younger sister introduced me to different verities and flavors of Food. She is very good in experimentation and master at whatever she makes. She is really very good at this art.

My better half is also very good in the art of Cooking. She likes experimentation and trying out different recipes. She ensures that my food is never monotonous. I love eating different dishes that she enthusiastically prepares. All in all I feel very blessed in being surrounded with so many Good cooks who keep my appetite for Good food always fulfilled.

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