Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got a call...

While driving I got a call on my mobile phone. The call was from my Home and I picked it up to answer the call. I expected my parents to be on other side. Normally they enquire about something related to everyday stuff. I was surprised to hear the voice in the phone.

It was my four year old daughter calling me. I was not able to comprehend how she was able to make a call to me. Any way she asked me what I was doing. She asked me to come to home for lunch. After knowing from me that I was driving she said that she will disconnect immediately as I was busy driving through heavy traffic.

After reaching home I asked my parents if they had helped “Kuhoo” with the call. They said they were busy in some work and Kuhoo had made this call all by herself.

I was still not willing to believe all this. I asked Kuhoo if she knew my cell number. She immediately told my 10 digit mobile phone number. She told me that she had also included zero at the beginning of this number to get the dial tone from my Airtel land line.

It’s true that Zero is required in the beginning to get dial tone as this phone also serves as an intercom. She very innocently told me that her Mummy had helped her in remembering this number. This instance is just one of the surprises that I keep on getting from my naughty four year old daughter “Kuhoo”. Keep on visiting this space to read other similar surprises...

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