Monday, June 09, 2008

Which Channel to watch?

I face this question everyday? Which channel I can watch with my family members. To make things more clear, I don’t know which channel I can watch with my wife and 4 year old Daughter.
All Hindi entertainment channels such as Star plus, Sony Entertainment, Zee TV and NDTV Imagine are flooded with typical Soap operas. Either these so called Soaps are Saas Bahu based or Beti Bahu types, Devraani Bahuraani types or you can call by any similar names. I really don’t know what to look for in these daily serials. A strange kind of frustration starts growing in me as I watch these daily TV Soaps.

My kid invariably looks for Pogo, Disney or similar kid's channels. Though initially they are enjoyable, but they repeat the same stuff every time. I am bored of seeing Takeshi’s castle and Mr. Bean’s histrionics. I would have watched the same thing at least more than hundred times.

One would have thought that News channels would provide some relief in such a gloomy scenario. I am really sad to inform that they also are not better than any thing coming on idiot box. Many of the news channels particularly Hindi one’s like Aaj tak, Star News etc have started recycling comedy serials, that too during primetime. The news channels are in competition to become number one entertainment channels. In the process they have lost the relevance of news broadcasting.

I believe that solution to my problem lies in watching as less TV as possible. I have started a campaign at my Home for decreasing the TV viewer-ship. I am not sure if I have attained any degree of success in it. I somehow feel it’s my way of crusading against all nonsense being relayed on Idiot Box.

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