Thursday, June 12, 2008

Try answering a Kid's Question

If you want to be truthful, then face every question of a 4 year old kid honestly. This is what I have learned in last few months. Kids in the age group 3 to 5 ask lots of questions. They are very inquisitive during this phase of there growing up. They keep on asking all the questions in the world.

We grownups are required to come up with answers for all these questions. Sometimes we may get irritated because of the sheer number of questions. At other times we may be very much occupied with a very important work. During all such scenarios we tend to ignore the barrage of questions from young ones. This may seem perfectly normal.

I tend to disagree on this. We should try to provide correct response to all the queries of young ones. This provides them material to set there reference point in life. If we neglect the queries now, it adds to deficit in child’s learning. The kid may take very long time afterwards to get correct reference points.

A kid asks very genuine questions concerned with basic facts of life. This provides us with valuable opportunity to have a re-look at ourselves. If we can truthfully answer all questions of a young kid, we can be sure that we are on right track. May be you readers would also like to give this a try.

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