Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why to do a one year MBA?

1. First and foremost it provides you with an opportunity to get more skills required for higher management roles. It certainly helps you cope better with everyday issues that you face in your workplace. It invigorates your learning cells and you are ready to take a deep plunge!!

2. Quite often than not you can reboot your career through one year MBA program like PGPX from IIMA. You have already spent significant amount of time in your job. By this time you are very clear on your likes and dislikes. You would have also created some new taste in finance or marketing or any other subject. MBA enables you to give a fresh boost to your career by making you choose right job post your MBA stint.

3. The one year MBA program makes you come out of your lethargy zone. This makes you believe that you can slug it out for many days non stop without little or any sleep. You suddenly feel that you are much more capable to slog than you actually thought about your kind self. In the nutshell it makes you much more confident to face the corporate world.

4. If you do your MBA from a premier institute like IIMA or ISB, it adds lots of value to your profile. It also increases the networking opportunities with very accomplished Alumni and batch mates who go on to make a mark for themselves.

5. Everybody has his or her own style of management. You would have tried some of your beliefs and theories while doing everyday management job. When you go to an MBA School you get an opportunity to validate your ideas and theories. It provides you opportunity to thin k much more and deeper on your favorite management topic and come out with your interpretation of the same. This whole process can be very fulfilling and rewarding in the long run.

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