Thursday, March 11, 2010

Placement Buzz from IIM's

Recently we have seen lots of news on IIM placements. All major newspapers are full of IIM placement stories. Basic underline theme is the substantial improvement in placements compared to last year. I feel placement statistics reflect the general optimism seen in economy. I also feel that placement statistics should not be over hyped. What eventually matters is the wisdom and knowledge gained by any student from his/her Alma matter.

One-year full time MBA is still in its nascent stage in India. ISB started it in 2000 followed by IIM Ahmedabad in 2006. One can still see clearly that Industry awareness on the value derived from One year MBA is still very low. There has been lots of media coverage on IIMA’s two year PGP program but It’s PGPX placement has got very little coverage. Almost all the IIM’s have one-year MBA courses running with them. Still we can see Industry and media is mostly focused on two year MBA by all the IIM’s.

I sincerely feel this scenario will change very fast in coming years. Industry will see the value and depth in one-year MBA programs like PGPX from IIMA. The candidates coming out from these programs bring invaluable experience and learning from the Industry. Their learning also from the program is also very high. Faculty in all the IIM’s has repeatedly vouched for superlative value from one-year MBA participants. Some Industries have already taken the lead in recruiting from programs like PGPX. They have returned to campus repeatedly to repose their faith in these one-year MBA programs. I am personally quite optimistic on the value derived from one year MBA programs like PGPX from IIMA.

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