Sunday, March 21, 2010

Second Degree

I just finished reading “Second degree” by Prashant John. Before I say something on this book let me describe how I chanced upon this book. After putting my papers I have been doing nothing worthwhile for last couple of weeks. I was forced by my family to accompany my Father to Jayanagar 4th block to get our travel bags repaired. While my Father was busy with the repair shop, I went to near by Sapana book house to glance through some of the new arrivals.

In the display section of new arrivals I could see this book “Second Degree” displayed very prominently. Seeing IIM-A on the cover page caught my attention instantly. I must confess that the book got me hooked immediately.
PGPX program from IIMA is a relatively new one. Having started in 2006 it’s still in its nascent stage. Prashant john was member of the first batch of PGPX. He comes out as someone with a very unassuming personality and a chilled out attitude. His main motto is to be out of rat race when everyone is there to be in the same rat race. This provides for a strong narration and objectivity of the book.

“Second degree” can be treated as Bible for any PGPX aspirant. It provides chronological description of all the PGPX modules and the very interesting student life at IIM-A campus. This book is very different from books such as ‘Five Point Someone’ written on campus life. Even though there is some fiction interlaced in the writing, it’s basically to make the reading more interesting. Fiction never overtakes the factual description in whole of the book. One gets to know small details like classroom seating position of students as well as difficulty level encountered in some specific subjects like cost accounting. Reader becomes completely familiar with assignments, quizzes, CPs and end term tests effortlessly while navigating through the book.

Prashant has a strong hold on humor and this comes out very beautifully all throughout the book. All his characters like Sweety, Subbu, Berrywala, Prasad, Bongo, Jignesh and Daddu add the humor quotient to the book in their unique ways. They also provide insight into student life at campus and everyday struggle of a typical business school student.
Prashant develops the plot of the book quite nicely by introducing all his characters elaborately and describing the induction session in detail. This provides for some engrossing reading. He seems to be in somewhat hurry during the later part of the book. Sometimes he comes out as a very bored soul and tries to rush through in the end chapters. He could have provided more substance and retained his magic as in initial chapters. Nevertheless by this time reader is fully immersed and so doesn’t mind these blips.

PGPX is relatively unknown entity in corporate World. A very fascinating reading like “Second degree” is sure to make it very visible. Prashant has done a great service to his Alma matter by coming up with something like this. I recommend this book to anybody looking out for some fast paced instant fun with lots of insider stuff on IIM-A PGP

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