Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nature in all its glory

Nature in all its versatility is present on IIMA campus. Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Monkeys, Parrots; you can spot everything here. Every morning and evening sky is filled with birds migrating to and fro from their nests. It’s like being in a bird sanctuary. Langoors(Big monkeys with black face), that too big ones numbering over a dozen are there to give company to occupants of PGPX hostel. Security guards have a tough time warding them off from living areas.

You can always hear chirping of birds at almost any time of day. It’s like a constant music going on in the background. You don’t need an Ipod or any other music device while going for a jog. Just hear the sounds coming from all sides. It’s like nature creating a perfect symphony to keep you in good humor.

Suddenly this craze of night football has started within the PGPX community. This game typically starts around at mid night in PGPX lawns and goes on for almost an hour or so. I am not sure if this will be a continuous feature in the coming days also. One of the profs was quite puzzled to see this night football game. I can sense his discomfort as the profs pride themselves by burdening us with all the workload possible in an academic environment. Lately two of my group mates have started going to gym. I have been advising them to keep this adventure as secret. If faculty gets a whip of it, they are sure going to have a re-look at the workload and would invariably end up increasing it still further. I only pray that such a thing never happens.

Just one more update: Elections of major committees other than placement has happened. Some able guys have got the charge of some important portfolios. I am sure they will do a good job in coming days.

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