Monday, May 17, 2010


Went today to see film houseful. I am a big fan of films in slapstick comedy domain. Somehow I didn’t like this film. I felt all the tricks in comedy arena were desperately employed to create humor unsuccessfully. Film producer and director were aware of shortcoming in story line. Therefore they have relied heavily on skin show by lead actresses. Most of the time they keep on dancing in skimpy clothes near a pool or sea beach. First half of film is somewhat palatable but meanders aimlessly in second half. Final climax scene with laughing gas doesn’t looks convincing. You just don’t get involved with characters. After you come out of theater you don’t carry any part of film with you.

Things have been very hectic for us here at PGPX. There were three quizzes in last week. It took the wind out of sail for majority of participants. Almost every face in new campus on IIMA looked lost and puzzled. When stress crosses a threshold you become numb to it. The only positive thing to happen was that we have crossed another benchmark in physical and mental endurance.

We have also gained one important skill during our stay here at IIM ahmedabad. Me with some of my syndi-mates have become almost experts in predicting surprise quizzes. We were able to predict both the surprise quizzes accurately last week. We shared our prediction freely also with other batch mates. Very few from other syndi-groups believed us because we were new in the market. Going forward we will be listened more attentively for our quiz forecasts. Hope we can master this art and make some business out of it. These days I am thinking of making business out of everything!!

Tomorrow we have another quiz. This is not the surprise one at it was announced one week before. I should be preparing for it instead of writing this blog. Somehow I don’t feel same kind of excitement as in a surprise quiz. That’s perhaps the reason I am not so much worried now. Trying to maintain my composure and belief in this vast world of management theories and jargons…

Below are some photographs from PGPX innaguration session.

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