Saturday, April 10, 2010


I Reached IIMA on 8th April. Past two days have been hectic considering the many tours of neighboring schools for my daughter’s admission. I was under impression that school admission in Ahmedabad may be slightly less painful than Bangalore. It’s not the case. Schools charge heavily under the guise of admission fees. We need admission for a year and paying hefty amount for admission fees looks unreasonable. I have got assurances from some of the schools. Let us see how things unfold in coming days.

IIMA campus is majestic and very impressive to say the least. Lots of open spaces invite you to take long walks in the campus. Accommodation provided for Married students is also very spacious and comfortable. It comes with all the amenities required for modern life. Meenu and Kuhoo have got an instant liking of the campus. Choti is also behaving properly by not howling and she is also smiling more. The bond between two of us is increasing by day.

On the registration day I was greeted with approximately two tons of books and study materials. Faculty here is no mood to give us any respite. They are making all arrangements to submerge all of us deep in the intricacies of management theories and concepts. Let us see how things shape up. I have lost my precious sleeping cycle thinking about the load of books. I have yet to open a booklet from the tons of reading material provided to all of us.

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