Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being constructive!!!!

Doing something constructive requires lots of effort and preparation. This lesson I have learnt first hand by doing the interiors of my new apartment.
I always felt that buying a new apartment will spare you all the pain of building an independent house. I imagined that I will get everything ready made and I will just move in. That’s how I felt when I booked my flat with this very reputed builder of the City.

Slowly I learnt that your involvement is must at each and every step to ensure customization and comfort. It started with choosing the right set of tiles on the floor. We did lots of surveys of tiles shops in Bangalore. We made sure that we buy all the stuff that we wanted. The quality has to be right. No compromises on this. Taste of family members was also an important criteria. I am now an expert in the field of floor tiles and bathroom fittings. I know now which plywood to use and what veneer or laminate is. Lots of people come to me for advice on this subject.

This was just the lid of the bin. After this came the job of all important interiors of my flat. It included wardrobes, Kitchen wood work and allied interiors. For last 2 months I have spend lots of time on this work. I have met at least a dozen designers. I have met half a dozen contractors. I have had several rounds of discussions with these people. This work is still going on. It will take at least another two months to finish this.

I hope that everything looks presentable in the final outcome. Even if it does not, I will have some satisfaction of putting my best effort for it. I am eagerly waiting for "Grih pravesh"!!!

P.S. For give me for boring you with unnecessary details. I couldn’t avoid it as I was really very much involved in all this!!!!!

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